The Garlic Store

Get flavour rich garlic that packs a punch! Once you’ve tried our garlic you will never be satisfied with the small, imported heads from China.  Select your favorite garlic from the list below!

Tibetan Garlic

Though I’ve read that this is a late germinating and late maturing garlic, in my fields it is the first to be ready to harvest! 8-12 cloves per bulb mean that it is great to propagate your garlic stock. It is delicious and it is HOT!


Music Garlic

Music Garlic is particularly well adapted to our cold northern climate. The scapes are nice and curly, and the flavour is strong and full. This is the variety that grows biggest and best with the least fuss just outside of Red Deer. Expect 4-8 cloves per bulb


Red Russian Garlic

Not extremely hot, but still warm, Red Russian is rich and complex. A well tended Red Russian crop will yield massive bulbs. I often harvest bulbs larger than 3″ in Diameter. Expect 6-8 cloves per bulb.